Scalextric Scandinavian Super Saloons Set

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Scalextric Scandinavian Super Saloons Set



Now you can get the exclusive Scalextric Super Saloons Set, for Scandinavian….

If you want to race in the colours of Denmark, Sweden, Norway or Finland, you just apply the decals of your favourite colour on the Scalextric Super Resistant GT cars, and you are ready for the race.

The Scalextric Super Saloons Set contains all you need to race with your friends or family; just build the track, any one of the 4 different layouts, and get ready for the Ultimate GT race.

Scalextric hand controller with speed limiter
This Scalextric hand controller with speed limiter is the perfect choice for children and the parents to race together.
You can adjust the speed on the hand controller, to let the children have less speed in the beginning.

Customise Your Livery
The Scalextric set contains 4 different decals, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Finland and you can easily apply them to the Scalextric GT cars, so.... if your favourite country is Sweden, then the choice is easy, make the Swedish version…. but who will you race against?

4 Different Layouts
You can build 4 different track layouts and experience the difficulty of each track layout.
The sets contains:
6 x Curves (90°)
4 x Curves (45°)
1 x Straight 350mm
1 x Straight 350mm (Powerbase)

Scalextric Super Resistant GT Cars
Red or Blue, the choice is yours…. when the going gets tough, our Scalextric Super Resistant series is more than up to the challenge.
Ideal for the younger or more inexperienced drivers.